Homewise Mommies: Shopwise x Mommy Mundo


Last March I was invited by Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo to be a part of something she was cooking up called Homewise Mommies. Homewise Mommies is a collaboration event of Shopwise and Mommy Mundo wherein friends and valued patrons of Shopwise can learn about new recipes for the year and more about momwise tips and tricks. Mommy Mundo is always at the forefront of empowering moms, hence the movement #Mompowerment. I was more than happy to share what empowers me, in the way that I know how, and at the same time empower other women to step out of the box, be more adventurous and efficient in the kitchen.

Let me reintroduce myself very briefly. I'm Sabrina Go, a stay at home mom, wife to an airline pilot, a home-based baker and a mompreneur for Manila Belly and Mothers Who Brunch. Like you, I’m a mom who wears many hats. That is why we always want to make sure that we make our time in the kitchen as efficient as possible. I love to cook, I love to be in the kitchen but life...so we have to think of ways to maximize our cooking time. 

Just a few time-saving tips that I practice in my kitchen:

  • Cook a large batch
    • Cooking a large batch means you get to have something ready to pack for baon or reheat for lunch the next day! 
  • Portion your meat
    • I divide the meat that I buy. We're a family of four, cause my cousin lives with us. So If I buy a kilo of meat, divide that in two and place it in freezer bags. You can even marinade them already inside the bags and freeze them. So for dinner, I just remove one bag 2 hours before cooking and you're all set.
  • Sheet Pan Meals
    • Meat and veggies cooked in one sheet pan. Less mess to clean up and healthier too because you're baking/roasting it. Pinterest is over-flowing with one sheet pan meal ideas.

We also choose to go to Supermarkets that carry most of our needs because again, time really is an essential for us moms. I don't want to waste my time and energy going to multiple places because that one place doesn't have what I need. Unfortunately, traffic plays an important role in planning our days because the next thing i know, it's time to pick up my son from school already! So I choose where I do my grocery really carefully. Thankfully, Shopwise carries most of what I need and more! 


Cooking Demo time!

The recipes I shared during the demo are already in the blog: 

Adobo Sushi Rolls


Ube Mango Crepe

Tip: Crepe batter was made in Electrolux's very cute and easy to use purple blender. All you have to do is dump in all the crepe batter ingredients in and blend away!

I chose to make 2 things for my cooking demo: Adobo Sushi Rolls. and Ube, Mango and Cheese Crepe.

3 things I love about the Adobo Sushi Rolls:

  1. Jazzes up your typical adobo recipe
  2. Such a great addition to your baon repertoire, and it actually is a full meal in each bite! (My experience is when it’s Sushi, it’s almost always UBOS)
  3. It’s a great way to make use of leftovers!

The rolls are a perfect addition to your list of baon ideas too!

Speaking of baon! It's back to school na!!! That means Summer is about to end but the heat is still on! Am I right?!? What are the flavors reminiscent of your summer? For me, it’s Ube, Mango and Cheese! Basically, the dirty ice cream flavors from Manong sorbetero! That's why I decided to demo this dessert using those flavors, but kicking it up a notch by placing them in a crepe! 

I talked about how Shopwise has everything you need and more, right? Well, all the ingredients in the recipes I mentioned can be found in Shopwise! See!!! 

Scroll down to see some of the day's highlights!


Sampling time!


OMG, my face in a 2x6ft banner! LOL!


With THE Mommy Mundo herself, Janice Villanueva, Lucien Villaruz of Little Luli (cute little Liam) and Marie Faith of Pottly N Tubby and both of them are also founders of Life and South and co-speaker during that day, Minnie Jumaquio of Snug a Hug.


With Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo and Minnie Jumaquio of Snug A Hug.


Grateful for the support of Michelle Aventajado and adorable Gelli of Momma 'N Manila and #TeamGellibean! =)

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