Korean Tacos

KoreanTacos1  My husband and dad are polar opposites when it comes to food. Sieg has a sweet tooth (even with savoury dishes) and loves tons of flavour and spice. My dad on the other hand has a simplistic approach to food and wants everything balanced. Of course, there’s me in the middle when I prepare dishes they could both enjoy. Korean food, however, is where they meet.


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Ensaladang Pinoy (Filipino Salad)

Ensaladang Pinoy I just came back from a family vacation in Baler, Aurora. It was an adventure from the very beginning due to the looong journey that involved failed GPS instructions (hence a wrong turn), dirt roads,… 

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Croissant French Toast with Salted Caramel Apple Sauce

AppleCinnamonCroissant FrenchToast1

Pastry hybrids are all the rage these days: cronuts, brookies, cruffins, dangels, etc. I swear, the names get weirder and weirder. Some of them are YUM-azing and the rest should crawl back to to their original forms…. 

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