Grilled Cheese and Basil Sandwich with Tomato-Balsamic Jam


You know those days when you just HAVE to slip into a ratty 10 year-old shirt and the comfiest boxers in sight? To be honest, that’s my weekend uniform (C’mon, tell me I’m not the only one!)! Haha!… 

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Ricotta Gnocchi with Ratatouille Sauce


Around twice or three times in a year I would develop recipes for this silly little blog, With my ingredients and dishes in tow, I would head to their cool studio and feed the team (after taking awesome photos of the food, of course!). They are the nicest people, not to mention über talented! A few months ago, the recipes I developed for them were mostly make-your-own dishes. One of which was a make-your-own Ricotta Gnocchi with Spicy Marinara Sauce. … 

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Homemade Twix



My first time to go to The Girl + The Bull in BF Paranaque was an impromptu date with my husband. We left our house late and we didn’t even make a reservation (The audacity, right!?). Although we were lucky enough to get a table…. 

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Korean Tacos

KoreanTacos1  My husband and dad are polar opposites when it comes to food. Sieg has a sweet tooth (even with savoury dishes) and loves tons of flavour and spice. My dad on the other hand has a simplistic approach to food and wants everything balanced. Of course, there’s me in the middle when I prepare dishes they could both enjoy. Korean food, however, is where they meet.


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Ensaladang Pinoy (Filipino Salad)

Ensaladang Pinoy I just came back from a family vacation in Baler, Aurora. It was an adventure from the very beginning due to the looong journey that involved failed GPS instructions (hence a wrong turn), dirt roads,… 

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