Pinoy Breakfast Salad (Mothers Who Brunch)


Last May 30, I had the chance to host a lovely event together with Michelle of Momma ‘N Manila and Viking Range Philippines. What was initially planned as a cooking session for four, surprisingly and organically turned into such a special event for twelve ladies. It was unbelievable how easily things came together so quickly for us and I think it was mostly because we are both very passionate about family, food and entertaining…. 

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Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) Paella with Bagnet


Now, this is an indulgent dish that was also inspired by my trip to the market last weekend. A vendor was selling this pre-cooked hunk of love a.k.a. bagnet and immediately my mind went on overdrive…. 

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Duhat (Java Plum) Compote


This recipe is yet another market-inspired dish!

I go to markets with a blank canvas so to speak. I let the fresh produce inspire me and more often than not I come out with organic goods that make up 2-3 dishes that I cook within the weekend.  It’s like a game I play alone and the outcome is as much a surprise to my family as it is to me…. 

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Glutinous Rice Balls Stuffed with Coco Jam in Basil Syrup


One of my favorite bloggers Lady and Pups published an amazing recipe for Peanut Butter Sticky Rice Balls in Green Tea. I was insanely inspired by this post and I knew instantly that I was going to come up with a Filipino version of it…. 

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Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

SomTam5A few years back, I would join Christmas bazaars selling Thai food in a humble stall. The menu was very minimal. It consisted of Thai milk tea, green papaya salad (Som Tam) and Thai beef fried rice. This was with the help of my sister who was living in Bangkok during that time. … 

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